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What Are The Cleaning Parts Of The Quarantine Clothes?
- Jul 04, 2018 -

◆Cleaning parts of the isolation clothing:

1, the collar of the garment;

2, the inner surface for the cleaning area, outside for the contaminated areas.


1, quarantine clothing, also known as clean overalls, clean tooling, purification clothing, dust-free clothing, sterile clothing, anti-static electrical installation, dust-free overalls, overalls, protective clothing and so on. 

2, in addition to the clothing itself can not be distributed dust source, also prevent the body from distributing dust effect, at the same time as sterile clothing, in the material and design should have security, comfort, ease of operation, aesthetic and other basic performance, otherwise due to the style of the work, cloth and aseptic underwear of different,

Directly affects the number of dust and colonies in the clean room.

3, widely used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, bioengineering, optics, aerospace, aviation, CPT, semiconductors, precision machinery, plastics, painting, hospital, environmental protection and other industries clean workshop, there are a variety of colors and specifications applicable to different anti-static or clean environment.

Protective clothing structure, with impermeability, permeability, strong, high hydrostatic pressure characteristics of the characteristics of the main should be in the industrial, electronic, medical, prevention, bacterial infection, such as the use of the environment. In addition to meet the high strength and wear-resistant requirements, often for protection purposes, the protection principle is different, from the cotton, wool, silk, lead and other natural materials, rubber, plastics, resins, synthetic fiber and other composite materials, to modern new functional materials and composites, such as: anti-impact of the aromatic polyamide and high-strength high modulus polyethylene fiber products, Oil-resistant fluorine-containing compounds, anti-radiation polyimide fiber, acrylic copper fiber complex with antistatic concentration, antibacterial fiber and fabric with related odor-proof finish.

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