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Type Of Shoe Cover
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Shoes cover By a fine grain of non-slip soles of the composition, reliable quality, can be repeatedly worn, can be machine wash. Classic Violet Upper, elegant, made from pure cotton fabric. can provide a variety of cloth shoes set style, if there are special requirements can also be professional custom-made. May add the upper embroidery, the printing word, the specialized marking company's logo. Cloth shoes cover can be washed, repeated wear.

Especially on the floor will not cause abrasions, wearing this cloth shoes, in fact, is in the free to you mop.

Anti-slip Shoe sleeve Anti-slip shoe sleeve is a new product. It uses the whole natural rubber to add new wear and non-slip materials, combined with rain rubber shoes and-secondary plastic shoe cover function design. This kind of shoe sleeve is lighter and more convenient than rain rubber shoes. In the rain and snow, this shoe condom outside the shoes, do not change shoes, you can achieve waterproof, mud-proof, protect the purpose of shoes. It is not deformed, does not fall off, does not skid outside the shoe. than disposable plastic shoe cover durable, recyclable, biodegradable, can be reused, instead of disposable shoe cover on the environmental impact of indoor and outdoor can be worn.

At the same time it is easy to carry, easy to clean, easy to clean. Many of the workers wear high-grade leather shoes, the quality of the shoes will be affected when the rain, and sometimes will be degumming deformation; Also, it is troublesome for tourists to encounter rain on the trip.

So this product has a broad market prospects.

Beautiful fashion, easy to carry, not only solve the traditional patten clumsy difficult to carry the problem, and make up for the disposable shoe sleeve is not wear-resistant, durable defects, is people in the rainy day or in the tourist attractions tu Yu rain when the most effective footwear supplies. For you and your family, free from rain and germs, please hurry up and buy the rubber boots!

Anti-static shoe sleeve Material for the fabric for 5mm stripes or mesh anti-static fabric, cloth colors are: white, blue, Tibetan cyan, pink and so on, the soles of the shoes to add green anti-static PVC material, can be wearable, and can achieve non-slip, anti-static and other functions, wear insulated wool thick socks and insulated insoles, shoe cover can be added conductive line, When wearing the conductive line to the wool thick socks and the human body close contact to achieve better anti-static effect, can be reused after cleaning. More economical and practical than disposable shoe covers. Applicable to high clean dust-free environment, this product can be adapted to 10~10000-level dust-free environment.