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Isolation Clothing Performance
- Jul 04, 2018 -

100% high-density polyethylene material, conjoined with cap style design, breathable, breathable, can block fine dust and liquid penetration, but also allow water vapor to reveal, light, tough, prevent static accumulation, itself does not produce dust, silicon-free. The use of special polyester filament, warp or asked weft-woven Japan belltronĀ®9r series conductive fibers, made by a special process. With excellent and long-lasting conductive properties.

It is the necessary measure to prevent static electricity of people's clothes. Working clothes with charge: 0.6 micro-library/piece.

Charge surface density: 7 micro-Library/square meter. ("Micro-Library" annotation: "Library" is a charge measurement unit, 1 coulomb = 1000 coulomb =1000000 micro-coulomb. The amount of electricity 6.25x108 an electron is 1 coulomb, and the charge of an electron band is 1.6x10-19 Coulomb.