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Isolation Clothing Advantages
- Jul 04, 2018 -

 1. The fabric itself does not produce dust: because it is in the clean indoor wear, so the requirements of the fabric can not become a clean room in the dust source, which determines the super net fabric can only be used in chemical synthesis of long fibers to produce. And cotton, hemp, silk and other natural staple fiber can not be used in the super net fabric, although these raw materials may make the fabric of the use of better. At the same time, the need for the use of chemical fiber filament also strict control of dust emission. Generally speaking, total extinction polyester filament is not suitable for woven anti-static fabrics.Because the polyester production of the addition of extinction agent-titanium dioxide will become a source of pollution. 

2. Fabric should have good dust-cleaning: Clean indoor dust mainly from the indoor flow of air and indoor activities in the human body. When the equipment conditions are determined, the improvement of cleanliness is to maximize the human body to control the tiny dust in the clothes, let it through the fabric into the air. This is the so-called fabric of the filter dust rate is high. To improve the dust rate is at the expense of the air permeability of fabrics, so knitted fabrics and more loose woven fabric is not suitable for clean room.