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Isolation And Protective Clothing--method Of Wearing Off
- Jul 04, 2018 -

★Wear isolation Clothing Method 

1, the right hand to lift the collar, the left hand into the sleeve, the right hand will collar upward pull, revealing left hand;

2, change the left hand-held collar, right hand into the sleeve, exposing the right hand, do not touch the west;

3, two hand collar, by the collar center along the edge of the neck belt, and then tie the cuffs;

4, will be the side of the garment (about 5cm in the waist) gradually pull forward, see the Edge pinch;

5, the same method to pinch the other side of the edge;

6, both hands in the back of the clothing side of the alignment;

7, folding to one side, one hand hold the folding place, the other hand will pull the belt to the back of the folding office;

8, the belt in the back of the cross, back to the front to tie the belt.

★Take off the isolation clothing Method 

1, untie the cuff, the person sleeve mixes inside, fully exposes the hands, carries on the hand disinfection;

2, untie the neck after the tape;

3, the right hand into the left wrist part of the sleeve, pull down the sleeve to hand;

4, with the cover of the left hand to hold the right hand isolation sleeve son outside, pull down the right sleeve;

5, the hands of the conversion gradually from the sleeve exit, remove the isolation clothing;

6, the left hand grip collar, right hand will be on both sides of the garment, pollution-oriented outside the hanging contaminated areas, if the hanging contaminated areas, the pollution-oriented;

7, no longer in use, will take off the quarantine clothing, pollution-oriented, rolled into a package, dropped into the medical waste container or into the recovery bag.