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Fog Control Can Not Only Heaven Help, But Also People Effort
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Under the haze, people are gradually eroded by the haze.

In the past winter, smog once again put the problem of environmental pollution in front of people. Haze will not only affect people's daily travel, but also to the health of the harm can not be neglected. The respiratory system is the most "brunt"! Haze Day not only increased the incidence of acute rhinitis and acute bronchitis, for asthma, chronic bronchitis and other chronic respiratory disease patients, haze weather is their "poison." If the long-term in this environment will even induce lung cancer! Not only that, but even more worrying, as soon as you enter the children's Hospital, you can see many children suffering from chronic rhinitis, asthma and bronchitis.

Haze not only affects China's present, but also a chronic poison to endanger China's next generation and future!
Haze affects all aspects of our lives, but fortunately people have awakened, although it is difficult to solve the haze problem in a short time, but as ordinary and small we do a little bit of change, actually can make things better, Tsu is doing such a thing.

1. Large area of blue air fin edge: Strong "blue fin side" to give you the assurance. No matter what shape you face, you can fit it tightly.

2. PP Material 3D skeleton: arbitrarily folded in half, carry, prop up the breathing space inside the hood, let you breathe freely.

3. The intimate exhaust valve: The design lets you exhale easily, absorbs carefree.

4. n95 level protection: Easy to resist the PM2.5, so that you can keep your head up in the haze days. For the market only Japanese production of professional dd11v-level masks is to strengthen our company for professional protection against fog and haze pursuit. In this hope in the haze days can also be good to protect themselves and their families beginner's mind, our company's team carefully studied, after continuous efforts, finally developed this type of overweight pine quality pure hand-resistant mask. So put into our company masks manufacturing and production.

Hope to arouse more people's attention to fog and haze, but also for thousands of people no longer for the haze injury. Do not forget beginner's mind, the side must always beginner's mind easy, always difficult to keep. And our company, will continue to run forward to restore your free breathing experience as a mission to safeguard the health and safety of everyone.