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Common Masks
- Jul 04, 2018 -

(1) Diving mask [face Plate (guard)]: for divers.

(2) Breathing mask [face piece]: A facial part of a gas mask or other respirator with an eye mask and breathing apparatus .

(3) Sports protective masks [face piece]: protection of nasal bone; Wearing a mask can be very helpful, and the NBA Pistons Hamilton each game with a mask. He had a broken nose in a game, in order to help recover in the game with a mask, the beginning will be a bit uncomfortable, but slowly accustomed to, so he later all the games are brought, the purpose is to protect the nasal bone.

If you want to buy a good, you should go to the sports protective equipment counters, and then according to their own needs to buy the right mask.

(4) Preservation of the protection of the mask: the current use of the surface network mainly has a round and square two types, a variety of types.

The circular surface net mostly uses the black gauze net or the nylon net makes, for our country beekeepers commonly uses, the square surface net is made by the aluminum alloy or the iron mantle net, mostly uses for the foreign beekeepers.

(5) Fencing Sports mask A wire woven into a net to protect the athlete's face. The hood has a collar, a fixing device and a neck guard. The mesh can withstand 7 kg of pressure without distortion.

First appeared in 1776, by the French La Boussiere invented. 

(6) Welding mask. Used in welding operations to prevent the arc light damage to the eyes.