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Anti-static Overalls Production Standard
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Anti-Static overalls are applicable to electronics, optical instruments, pharmaceuticals, microbial engineering, precision instruments and other industries with dust-free and anti-static performance of special overalls, the fabric is generally woven conductive silk fiber fabrics. Antistatic overalls apply to: petroleum industry, Mining and metallurgy industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, special industries such as: Atomic energy, aerospace, weapons and so on.

Other industries, such as: food, fireworks, medicine and so on. The electrostatic protective overalls made of conductive fiber in chemical fiber fabrics is based on the leakage of charge and the neutralization of two kinds of mechanisms.

When grounding, the electrostatic of the fabric is neutralized by the corona discharge of the conductive fiber, and can be vented through the conductive fiber to the earth, while ungrounded by the weak corona discharge of the conductive fiber.

Anti-static anti-static clothing in the characteristics of ultra-clean fabrics Antistatic fabrics used in anti-static overalls are often referred to as "conductive silk". In fact, this argument is not strict, conductive silk according to its own technical characteristics can be divided into applicable to Anti-Static (ESD), as well as the clean room (cleaning Room), only applicable to clean room conductive silk can be said to be anti-static ultra clean fabrics.

What is anti-static fabric? The fabric can be called antistatic fabric after antistatic processing.