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What is the difference between disposable medical protective clothing and medical quarantine clothing?
- Jul 04, 2018 -

 Medical quarantine suits can be reused and cost-saving. The structure of protective clothing, with impermeability, good permeability, high strength, the characteristics of high hydrostatic pressure, mainly in the industrial, electronic, medical, anti-bacterial infection, such as the use of the environment in addition to meet the high strength and wear-resistant requirements, often because of protection purposes, protective principles vary, from cotton, wool, silk.

Lead and other natural materials, rubber, plastics, resins, synthetic fiber and other composite materials, to modern new functional materials and composites, such as: Anti-shock against the aromatic polyamide and high-strength high modulus polyethylene fiber products, oil-resistant fluorine-containing compounds, anti-radiation polyimide fiber, antistatic poly acrylic complex copper fiber, antibacterial fiber and related deodorant finishing fabric.