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New field of application of disposable headgear
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Given the many advantages of disposable headgear, it is now used more and more widely, for example, in the use of hospital doctors, or hairdressers in barber shops, and now there are areas used in the law enforcement process.

This disposable headgear is made by an enterprise specializing in the production of headgear for medical and health institutions, it is made of non woven cloth with good air permeability and hygienic prevention, and it can not hinder respiration and visibility in the course of use. So now the law enforcement agencies, in order to establish the law-enforcement image of the court and Civilization, In the process of escort can use this disposable headgear, such a can protect the defendant's human rights, and then one can prevent prisoners on the way falsify, so that the case smoothly.