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Multi-area application of disposable transparent gloves
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Disposable transparent gloves have some special uses, such as in a chemical plant and other places, can not simply flush with water, because some chemical raw materials opponents have a strong corrosive, in front of people without gloves, it is difficult to solve these things, now have disposable gloves, this problem can be solved. 

Disposable Transparent Gloves selected high-quality films as raw materials, do not add harmful chemical elements, non-toxic harmless stimulation. The use of thickening design, played a non-slip effect, and more solid.

Professional medical sterilization gloves, full resistance to pressure, durable do not wear. In the medical field, PE gloves of a one-time isolation, can effectively prevent the harm to the human body, so the use of disposable PE gloves in the medical field is relatively early.